Five Uses Of Synthetic Pee

Fake pee is artificially prepared by mixing water with organic and inorganic ingredients like sulfates, urea, creatine just to mention a few. It was invented for laboratory use; however, its area of application is much broader. Synthetic urine possesses all the physical as well as chemical properties of real urine, and the big news is that it can be used where real urine poses a threat of infection. Moreover, synthetic urine has a longer lifespan compared to human urine making it’s easy to transport and keep.

All of the factors mentioned above made it very accessible for application in the following fields:

Passing a drug test

Instead of getting troubled whether you can pass a drug test or not, why not substitute your urine sample with a fake pee and make your journey a lot easier? Many people are using fake pee to pass a drug test. It is pre-mixed or comes in the form of a powder and contains all the ingredients that are present in human urine. In simple terms, synthetic urine mimics the appearance, pH, composition among other characteristics of real urine and can be used to pass drug tests.


If your urine sample is altered in any way during the test, it will be compromised, and the likelihoods are that it will be rejected. However, with synthetic urine, you don’t have to worry because the chemical components provide a stable and balanced pH and other characteristics that are similar to those of human urine. To ensure that you will get an effective brand, read this buying guide before choosing one.

Kinky play

The fetish community also uses fake urine to avoid health complications. In some instances, real urine can’t be used during kinky play for many reasons like infections, hygiene and much more. With synthetic urine, the fetish community has a healthy way to play.


Human urine is a by-product of the filtration of blood and has been proven to have numerous health benefits. Urine contains antibodies, minerals, hormones, enzymes and vitamins that are essential for normal body functions. Moreover, urine is an effective antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal agent because it contains both sodium chloride and water. And that is not all since urea has antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, it is present in many skin and hair products. Urine is also being used to overcome illnesses like cancer, arthritis, eczema, herpes, diabetes among many others.


Do you want to prank someone? Have you looked for the best trick without success? Well, you could consider using fake pee in your prank. For instance, you could place fake pee in a glass and cheat your friend that it’s an energy drink. On the flipside, you could soak your friend’s bedcovers with synthetic urine. How about that? Fake pee is safe and doesn’t contain the harmful toxins that are present in real urine.

Repelling animals

hgdhjd74Fake pee can be used as an animal repellent. So if you are camping and you forget to carry your animal repellant, fake pee can help you out.

If you have an upcoming urine test that you might fail start looking for synthetic urine online and without any doubt, you will pass with flying colors!