Maintaining Good Health During A Long Music Tour

If you are a musician or member of a band that has organized a big music tour to various parts of the world, then you need to consider your health as a priority. It will make sure that you participate in all the scheduled shows without fatigue or any other health misfortune. For instance, bon jovi metlife stadium 2013 and the following long series of North American shows were a success because the team was keen on their health. Below is a highlight of how one can maintain good health in such situations.

Maintaining a good health during a long music tour

Taking enough rest and sleep

fdgdfgdfgfdgfgIf you have a series of shows taking a month or more, then how you plan the rest in between matters a lot. The manager may slot free days between the shows which will be used for preparations anyway. This means the schedule becomes tight from beginning to the end. Therefore, it is crucial to allocate enough time for rest and sleep. It enables one to have a sober mind and body as well as energy to perform the following day.

Have a doctor on the standby

Well organized bands usually have their doctor close to take care of any health challenges. If not possible, then identify the health centers to use at any location you visit. It can be done early in advance and if possible notify them. On the same note, the team can carry a well-equipped medical kit to take care of minor health issues like small injuries while on stage.

Eat a healthy diet every time

Food has natural healing power and knowing what to eat is one of the best practice to embrace. The advice from a nutritionist is one of the greatest advice one can get. They plan the meals that not only nourish the body but also give them the necessary energy to keep performing. Sometimes the artists need to boost energy in between the shows with nutritious drinks and food for instant energy.


dgfdfgdfgfdgfdgAs much as the schedule is tight, planning for some gym time or some workouts will make sure that you have a fit body to continue performing. One of the benefits of exercises is to eliminate the chances of muscle problems during the performance and also body endurance if you must stand on stage for long.

As a live performer, taking good care of your health is crucial and one of the best practices to embrace. It calls for the use of the above tips to succeed in maintaining good health.


Five Uses Of Synthetic Pee

Fake pee is artificially prepared by mixing water with organic and inorganic ingredients like sulfates, urea, creatine just to mention a few. It was invented for laboratory use; however, its area of application is much broader. Synthetic urine possesses all the physical as well as chemical properties of real urine, and the big news is that it can be used where real urine poses a threat of infection. Moreover, synthetic urine has a longer lifespan compared to human urine making it’s easy to transport and keep.

All of the factors mentioned above made it very accessible for application in the following fields:

Passing a drug test

Instead of getting troubled whether you can pass a drug test or not, why not substitute your urine sample with a fake pee and make your journey a lot easier? Many people are using fake pee to pass a drug test. It is pre-mixed or comes in the form of a powder and contains all the ingredients that are present in human urine. In simple terms, synthetic urine mimics the appearance, pH, composition among other characteristics of real urine and can be used to pass drug tests.


If your urine sample is altered in any way during the test, it will be compromised, and the likelihoods are that it will be rejected. However, with synthetic urine, you don’t have to worry because the chemical components provide a stable and balanced pH and other characteristics that are similar to those of human urine. To ensure that you will get an effective brand, read this buying guide before choosing one.

Kinky play

The fetish community also uses fake urine to avoid health complications. In some instances, real urine can’t be used during kinky play for many reasons like infections, hygiene and much more. With synthetic urine, the fetish community has a healthy way to play.


Human urine is a by-product of the filtration of blood and has been proven to have numerous health benefits. Urine contains antibodies, minerals, hormones, enzymes and vitamins that are essential for normal body functions. Moreover, urine is an effective antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal agent because it contains both sodium chloride and water. And that is not all since urea has antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, it is present in many skin and hair products. Urine is also being used to overcome illnesses like cancer, arthritis, eczema, herpes, diabetes among many others.


Do you want to prank someone? Have you looked for the best trick without success? Well, you could consider using fake pee in your prank. For instance, you could place fake pee in a glass and cheat your friend that it’s an energy drink. On the flipside, you could soak your friend’s bedcovers with synthetic urine. How about that? Fake pee is safe and doesn’t contain the harmful toxins that are present in real urine.

Repelling animals

hgdhjd74Fake pee can be used as an animal repellent. So if you are camping and you forget to carry your animal repellant, fake pee can help you out.

If you have an upcoming urine test that you might fail start looking for synthetic urine online and without any doubt, you will pass with flying colors!

How To Choose The Right Doctor

A doctor is among the important services a family must get. The search and choice of a doctor is not easy. People take ages before they settle on a family doctor. It becomes even tougher if you have children, aged parents or a person with a terminal illness. You will have to get a doctor who is in a position to take care of everyone and clearly it will not be easy. At times you will be required to have two doctors in particular for the terminally ill. Imagine after the search you are asked to move to a new place, far away from such that you cannot access the services of your previous doctor. The search begins again, this time it will be more difficult because it is a new place. This article, however, will give a few tips which will make the search easy.

Selecting a doctor

Never compare with your previous doctor

This is a mistake made by many people. It is okay to miss the services of your previous doctor, but it wrong to compare what other doctors have to offer with him or her. People are different. You can never get the same services from different personalities. Be open minded and ready to walk the journey with your new doctor. Let them treat you their way, and you might be surprised they will be better than the one you thought is the best.

Good with children

This is one thing you must be keen to observe if you have kids. Children fear doctors in many cases. To take away the phobia, the doctor must be friendly and able to make them feel at home. A doctor who shouts at the little ones is a big no. Your children should show a liking for the doctor if it has to work. At times like this, involve your children in decision making to avoid future frustrations.

The office

How is the doctor’s office? Offices today have a welcoming and comfortable waiting bays. There must be a place where the patient can wait comfortably as they wait their turn to see the doctor. Some doctors have gone ahead to have a play area for the children who might be accompanying their sick parents. To make the children comfortable, their rooms should be well painted with cartoon images. Be slow on the search till you get what you want. It is your health, and you should get nothing but the best services.

How To Buy Supplements Online

People have the wrong information when it comes to supplements. Some think that it wrong to take them. The truth is when supplements are taken correctly, and as per the doctor’s instructions, they help a lot in our bodies. There are times when you cannot run away from taking supplements. If you are diagnosed with diseases like lack of calcium or a certain vitamin in the body, the only way to get those important minerals is by taking supplements. Naturally, we are supposed to get all nutrients from the foods we eat. A healthy and balanced diet should be enough, but few people observe balanced diet hence the need for supplements. Pregnant women cannot do without supplements as well. The nutrients from the foods they eat might not be enough for both the mother and unborn child. This article will give you tips on how to buy supplements online.

Buy supplements online


Supplements are just like any other medication. That is why you must be sure that the ones you are buying are genuine. Talk to friends and family for recommendations on online stores they have used to get supplements. Some sellers online only care about their pockets and would sell anything to make money. Referrals will never go wrong in such cases, get as many before settling for an online supplier. You can as well check the reviews from other customers on the seller’s website. If possible talk to the customers in person for more details. However do not base your judgment fully on online reviews. They are biased at times.

Buy from the manufacturer

You are assured of genuine and cheap supplements if you buy them from the manufacturer. There is no way the manufacturer will sell counterfeit products. The only problem with the manufacturers is that they sell in bulk. It will be of more benefit if you are buying for resale. Large purchases come with a discount hence you will make more profits.

Doctor’s prescription

You must never buy supplements over the counter. If you have to take supplements, let it be a word from your doctor. Supplements are essential to the healing and well-functioning of the body, but, if taken wrongly they turn out harmful. Take them in the right dosage too. With the above tips, you will never go wrong with buying supplements online. It is important to keep a healthy diet as you continue to take supplements.